Gas prices yo-yo. And they seem to linger longer on their upswings. Parking rates seem to creep up too. People are cutting corners, trying to make ends meet or build their savings. So it’s a shame to see money go to gas and parking when there’s an easy way to save.

Just carpool with one other person and you can cut your commuting costs in half.  Smart driving practices can reduce your gas bill too.  If you live close enough, you can gain health benefits by biking or walking to work and save even more.  When you carpool, bike or walk to work at least three times a week, you’re eligible for our free Emergency Ride Home program so you don’t have to worry about being stranded in an emergency.

Taking transit to work is another way to save on commuting costs and get a little exercise in your commute.  And money isn’t all you’ll be saving.  Carpooling, biking, walking and using transit reduces our dependence on foreign oil and improves air quality.

For more information contact Elizabeth DeJesus at (904) 306-7505.

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